Don't Let Them Off the Hook Now

In August, Ed Schultz said “[Republicans] have spent their summer running around the country at town halls lying about ObamaCare. I’m not going to let them off the hook.…Make no mistake.”

Well, as we’ve all seen, it turns out it was actually the media lying about Obamacare.

Now, the media may finally be admitting that the Obamacare rollout has been an embarrassing “botched” failure…but don’t expect them to remind you how they were cheerleading the law just a little while ago.

Fortunately, they don’t have to…

…That’s why we’re here.

The researchers here at the Media Research Center can document and expose liberal media bias (like the “The Top 10 Worst Quotes Pushing Obamacare”) thanks to our state of the art SnapStream system.

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Don't let Ed Schultz and his rabid Obamapologist ilk off the hook.

Video is the most powerful weapon in our war against media bias.

No one can deny media bias when we produce clear, side-by-side video examples of the media cheerleading a liberal policy like Obamacare (and then making excuses for its failure, however tortured their reasoning may be).

But, even with tools like SnapStream, monitoring all the “news” shows is quite a task. That’s why we need your help to maintain our world-class media monitoring operation.

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